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“You’ve been added to the @redshoesladies Twitter list”

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This is the notice I got the first day I started my internship at Red Shoes PR. Undeterred by the 7:1 gender ratio in the office, I was excited to get some experience in the public relations agency world. I wouldn’t have admitted it that first day, but I was definitely nervous—not nervous about getting along with people or being able to handle the workload, but nervous about the unknowns. Would I have the skills to do what was asked of me? Will I ask too many questions? What’s Hootsuite?

Thankfully, everyone at Red Shoes PR, including my fellow intern, Sara, have been extremely helpful—everyone was there not only to help me learn, but to challenge me and give me responsibility. They threw me into projects, introduced me to clients and exposed me to a broad spectrum of experiences ranging from building a desk from IKEA, to making videos and doing social media for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, to a little bit of crisis communication.

My public relations education at the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point has been fantastic, but as the adage goes, and as I found this summer, “You can’t learn everything in a classroom.” Here are the top three things I learned this summer that I could’ve never learned in class:

1. Be yourself…everywhere. People will notice if you’re not the same online as in person. Self-control and being appropriate is important, but so is having a personality, both online and off.

2. Sweat the small stuff. Paying attention to details can be the difference between success and crisis, professional and sloppy or pride and embarrassment.

3. Finally, I learned what a successful business is built on: teamwork. Every member of Red Shoes PR was part of a team that trusts each other, and for the past three months, I was lucky enough to be part of that team. No one was ever hung out to dry, stranded with a tough project or expected to shoulder an entire client on his or her own. Knowing someone always had my back gave me a lot of confidence in my performance and made this summer more than just an internship, but the best start to and leg up on my career I could have asked for—that’s why I’m so proud to have been one of the @redshoesladies.

Thanks to all the awesome tweeps I got to know more this summer: @JessDennis, @LisaRedShoesPR, @KarenRedShoesPR, @RWollersheim, @MariaHeim, @SaralJeffers, @DianRedShoesPR, @tommytrc, @iamthomasbishop, @HarrisonLoveall @RossLaRocco @ryandietz, @tvorse, @alisonjns, @nikkivoelzke, @MrScottClark, @loveartlife, @AFiebig and @MironConstruct

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