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Social media update: Oct. 6, 2017

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As PR professionals, it’s essential to stay on top of all of the latest news, including social media news. Here is a roundup of the latest social media news from Sept. 30 through Oct. 6.

This week, you’ll see YouTube alters search algorithm, Facebook reports ad reach is high and Snapchat is making efforts to help startups. See past social media updates here.


Facebook reports ad reach is more than U.S. Census reports available

Facebook’s ad reach figures outpace U.S. Census estimates for every single state anywhere from 3 percent to 42 percent.

Facebook integrates Zip Recruiter job listings

Listings from Zip Recruiter will be added to Facebook’s job application process and companies using Zip Recruiter will be able to easily share their postings with one click on Facebook.

Facebook Workplace releases desktop chat apps

It also soft-launched screen sharing through Workplace.



YouTube alters search algorithm over fake Las Vegas conspiracy videos

The company has implemented changes in a direct effort to promote reputable searches. It is still unclear how the new algorithm works, but the change speaks to the “broader ethical challenges technology companies face regarding their role in providing major platforms for fake news and propaganda.



Snapchat is launching a dedicated benefits program to incentivize startups to advertise

Benefits include media coupons, creative services credits, free branded filters and early access to new ad products. Startups can apply to be part of the program here:



LinkedIn launches new analytics tool

The new tool is called Talent Insights and is a self-service, big data analytics product that will help recruiters make deeper queries into statistics for hiring and employment based on LinkedIn data. The tool will be fully available in 2018.


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