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Time for Kendama

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You might not know what it is, but we are betting your kids do. Let us introduce you to Kendama. Known as a Japanese toy, it’s a game of practice to test your agility and coordination. As of late, my four boys are frequently scattered throughout the house hitting countertops, floors and walls with the wooden ball while brushing up on their skills. I’ve been fascinated by how this simple wooden game has made inroads with today’s children in an era of video games–which I’m thankful for!

To learn more about Kendama, visit this website and scan through the videos to learn a few tricks like this one. Once you have conquered a few moves, post a video and tag us #RedShoesKendama. As always, a word of caution, especially as you get started. Make sure you have plenty of room around you, with no glass!

Cheers to it being almost spring and thank you for being a supporter of Red Shoes PR.


A quick shout out to Sweets Kendamas!

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