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When is it a crisis?

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There are two types of crises. The first is one that happens without warning. This could include anything from a natural disaster that wipes out power to your building, a technology hack, a death on the job or an accident.

The other type is a slow-burning crisis. This type might be unfolding over a few days or months and may include litigation, a lawsuit or discovery of criminal activity. Both types of crisis result in messaging that needs to be delivered to key stakeholders or the public, and often require crisis communication help.

Should you make the call to a crisis communication expert? If you’ve done any of the following, the answer is likely yes:

  1. You called your attorney
  2. You called your insurance company
  3. You called 911
  4. You called the police
  5. Clients/customers/employees are at risk for injury, financial loss, danger, etc.

These are just a few of the criteria to consider, but the biggest indicator is this: If you are thinking about it, you probably need to make the call. The right communication plan can make a world of difference in time, money and reputation in a crisis situation.

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