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What to look for in a company spokesperson

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There’s a special type of individual who performs well as a spokesperson in a time of crisis. Hopefully, your leadership team possesses the skills to help you communicate in an appropriate manner, but if they don’t, don’t force it. Some just aren’t cut out for the spokesperson role.

Clue: Donald Trump is your worst case scenario of what you don’t want.

Your spokesperson needs to:

  • Remain calm in the eye of the storm
  • Have emotional intelligence
  • Know when to be discreet
  • Answer questions succinctly without rambling
  • Be able to think on their feet
  • Speak in relatable terms
  • Be a good listener
  • Be knowledgable
  • Be professional

Does your company have this person? Take time to think through this list and identify who fits and who needs to work on some of these skills.

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