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Causes for news errors and how to fix them

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Reporters are all racing to be the first to break a story, and sometimes an error can be made or the facts aren’t always right. That’s when, as public relations professionals, we need to step in and correct the error before it ends in chaos.

But how do you go about correcting an error in a news story with a reporter?

What to do when a reporter gets something wrong

To start, remain calm. Nearly every news agency wants to sustain their credibility, and therefore wants their information to be accurate. Reach out to the reporter first, rather than their editor, because the reporter will most likely be able to make the changes to the story themselves. But if you can’t reach the individual reporter, contact the newsroom and inform them of the mistake.

The best way to ward off inaccuracies is prevention. One of the most helpful things PR professionals can do after an interview has been conducted is speak with the reporter to make sure they have all the correct facts and figures, and confirm the names of the clients involved are spelled correctly.

By taking a few preventative measures and understanding how fast-paced a reporter’s day is, public relations professionals can make things easier while also making sure the story is presented accurately.

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