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Keep this in mind before you go live on Facebook

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Now that Facebook Live has been around for a bit, and marketers and PR pros are learning how to best use the tool, it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere – at least for awhile. In fact, Facebook has publicly stated it will prioritize live video over other post types to encourage users and Pages to utilize this fun feature.

While you may have a ton of great ideas to showcase your business and share interesting information with your fans, it’s best to have a plan before you dive in face first and click the “go live” button.

But what happens when something comes up in your live video you just can’t plan for?

What to do if my Facebook Live video goes bad

If something unethical/dangerous/illegal happens

Halt any filming immediately and do not upload the video to your page. You may also want to have a statement ready to address what happened, should you have viewers or fans who have questions/comments/concerns.

If someone says or does something they shouldn’t have

Because the video is live, there is no option to edit the video or “bleep” out words. Sometimes jokes don’t go over as well as you think they should, or someone uses an industry-specific term no one knows. These don’t translate well over live video.

If YOU are the one who misspeaks, clarify your statement and redirect the conversation. If someone else says or does something they shouldn’t, again, ask the subject to clarify or explain their statement or actions and redirect the conversation. Do not upload this video to your page.

If the audio or video quality is poor

Viewers aren’t going to watch a video with poor audio or video – you’re best stopping the live broadcast, posting a status about technical difficulties and trying again. Do not upload the poor-quality videos to your page.

If someone or something pops into view that shouldn’t

Because the video is live, there’s not much you can do if someone or something pops into the scene you don’t want your viewers to see. If this happens, try to first get the someone or something out of the frame, and if necessary re-position yourself and phone. If it’s an instance where you can’t escape the intrusion, sign off and address the problem off-camera. Depending on the severity of the intrusion, you may or may not want to upload the video to your page.

If no one is watching or interacting

Continue filming as though you have a large audience and tons of interaction. These videos can live forever on your page, so they will continue to receive engagement after you are “off-air.”

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