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What do you do? What is public relations?

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It’s not uncommon to get this question at least once a week. From friends and family to new business prospects, many want to know: What is public relations? I often give a pat response something along the lines of: We develop and utilize strategic communications to create brand awareness for a company or an organization which can ultimately enhance your lead sales funnel i.e., more business!

Not a very good answer but it usually leads to more questions and conversation. Then I also use examples of some of the other facets of PR such as internal communications, crisis communications, media relations and social media.

So it makes me a little crazy when someone blurts out that there is no need for PR agencies. Companies can now eliminate the middleman and go straight to the media with their story ideas. PR is so much more than just getting a story placed.

For an industry that bases it’s business on communications, we have not done a very good job communicating exactly what we do. Because of this I am going to start a series of blog and vlog posts which address the many aspects of what PR “hacks” do. Hopefully, by the end of the series you will have a more complete understanding and greater appreciation of the unbelievable work that PR professionals do. And most importantly, you might start to think about how these many facets of PR can impact your business.

Stay tuned.

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