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Websites every PR pro should bookmark

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10 websites PR professionals should bookmark in 2017

Every practicing PR pro knows it’s not only important to be a resource for your clients and local media, but also to know how to use your own resources! Here is a list of the top 10 websites PR pros should bookmark in 2017. 

1. Local news outlets

Why you need it: Stay up to date on everything happening in your community, including laws that are passed, upcoming events, polarizing topics and business briefs.

2. National news outlets

Why you need it: Help your clients stay current by finding connections between national news topics and your clients’ businesses. Also, you should always have a general idea of what is going on in the world around you so you have something to talk about with your coworkers, your boss and your clients.

3. Business Insider

Why you need it: While you’re keeping up with current events by bookmarking national news outlets, you should also add Business Insider. This publication gives you a fresh look at current events and how they affect the business world.

4. PRWeek

Why you need it: While Business Insider gives you a business perspective, PRWeek highlights current public relations news and crises. If you work in the public relations industry, it’s vital to stay up to date on news related to your work.

5. Feedly

Why you need it: Search for relevant news by topic. This platform is great for combining all news from multiple media outlets in one place. It can be a godsend when you are monitoring for your client’s coverage or searching for common trends within an industry.

6. AP Stylebook

Why you need it: If you are still spelling out the numbers one-nine, capitalizing your job title or abbreviating a state name within the body of a press release, then you definitely need this in your bookmarks. Get into the habit of using AP Style 24/7; it helps your credibility and decreases the chance that you will make style errors down the road.

7. Canva

Why you need it: Design blog headers, social media graphics and other marketing and promotional documents with this easy-to-use web application. Canva saves your designs, making it simple to brand your content for your own company or your client’s.

8. Pixabay

Why you need it: Pixabay has thousands of free stock photos, vector graphics and illustrations. The website makes your life easier by allowing you to search for relevant images to use for social media, websites and more.

9. Hootsuite

Why you need it: Stop missing prime posting hours by setting alarms for when you need to post to social media. Hootsuite is your one-stop shop for scheduling Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts and helps you save time throughout your day.

10. LinkedIn

Why you need it: You should never stop improving your LinkedIn page and you should continue to make business connections even if you have the job of your dreams. LinkedIn is the perfect place to connect with clients, vendors and colleagues. Stay connected and stay relevant within LinkedIn groups and within your network.

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