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Utilize Font Flame for your next design project

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Font pairing. It can be fun, but also extremely frustrating at times. That’s where Font Flame can help.

Font Flame is a new font-pairing site that utilizes Google’s free font library to pair fonts that go well together.

When you visit the site, you see a black screen with a white card. On the card are two fonts, one header and one body text paired together, with the font names listed on top of the card.

To sort through the font combinations you hate or love, click on the corresponding buttons on the bottom of the card. To review items you’ve chosen as “love,” click on the “My Type” tag on top of the page and you’ll see your favorite combinations. You can also swap out the text on the card with your own, which is helpful if you have some text you want to compare.

Even though this is still an early prototype, it’s worth a try. New features are continuously being rolled out, and hey, maybe it’ll be your go-to font-pairing tool! Visit and let us know what you think.

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