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Truly creating family-friendly work environments

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We’re currently in the final stages of hiring for a key position in our company and we get one question over and over: “Does Red Shoes PR offer a flexible work environment?” This question often comes from women who have young families and I totally understand it. As the mother of a 1.5-year-old, I know how important it is to be able to schedule doctors appointments during work hours or be able to leave early to pick up a sick child.


Red Shoes PR certainly does offer the flexibility to do what needs to be done for your family during the day, and we go one step further and allow employees to volunteer during their work hours.


I love giving back to my community, and before I started my family I signed up for every opportunity that came my way. Now that I have a child, however, my husband and I are faced with a complex dance that starts every Sunday night when we look at our calendars for the week: “I have meetings Tuesday and Wednesday night so can you pick up Mary those days?” “Yes, but as long as you’re home by 6:30 because I need to get to my evening meetings.”


I know that we are one of countless families who has to be hyper-organized and overly communicative to make sure the children are dropped off, picked up and appropriately supervised; but sometimes I sit back and wonder what our lives would be like if those early morning and evening commitments went away.


Recently I started doing something about it and have been declining volunteer opportunities that don’t happen during the day. Last week, for example, I turned down a board position for an organization I was extremely passionate about because they met exclusively in the evenings. While it pained me to do it, I feel so relieved to know that’s one less instance a month where I won’t be able to eat dinner with my family and put my daughter to bed.


Having the freedom to arrange board positions and committee work during the day makes my life much more enjoyable and stress-free. I know that we’re on the road to doing something so special here at Red Shoes PR and hope other companies are able to join us in truly creating family-friendly workplaces.

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