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Things we LOVE about our careers

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Red Shoes PR is a small business and our employees work in many different roles and wear many different hats every day. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we want to share with you the things we love about our careers and the things that make us excited to come to work.


“I love that I get to work with so many different clients! I’m able to learn about many different and prominent industries in our area because of it. I also love getting to work with the media and pitch amazing and inspirational stories to them.” – Raquel, content associate


“I get great satisfaction knowing that what I do for others helps them be successful in their professional daily lives.” – Debbie, agency assistant


“We help our clients navigate some stressful situations and I love it when we’re able to lift the burden of their communication needs and allow them to focus on other aspects of their business.” – Maria, agency director


“I love people. It’s as simple as that.” – Lisa, president


“I love the variety a career in marketing and PR brings, especially at an agency, because you get to learn so much about a wide range of industries. We’re constantly learning and evolving.” – Meagan, account supervisor


“Being able to see the direct impact of my efforts is truly rewarding. Each day is different and brings a new challenge.” – Carol, business manager


“I love building relationships with clients, co-workers and with the people in the community. There is never a dull day.” – Danielle, account associate

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