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The perfect summer project, “Our 351 Sons”

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This summer, Red Shoes had the honor of working with John Gillespie, founder of the Rawhide Boys Ranch, for the launch of his new, highly anticipated book “Our 351 Sons.”


“Our 351 Sons” tells the story of how John and his wife, Jan, personally foster parented 351 troubled young men. The book also shares many behind-the-scenes stories about founding the ranch. Our favorite is the “Saving Rawhide from Bank Foreclosure” story. In the book, John shares how Bart Starr and his wife, Cherry, helped bring the Lombardi-era Packers team together to save Rawhide from bank foreclosure with only minutes to spare. The story was and is truly awe-inspiring and gives us goosebumps!


While working with John, Red Shoes provided graphic design services for a number of print and advertising pieces, secured dozens of story placements and managed pieces of his book tour. We’re so thrilled that “Our 351 Sons” received statewide publicity through TV, radio and print. John even received national attention from Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, and Congressman, Mike Gallagher, who have chosen to gift “Our 351 Sons” to all 400 plus members of Congress this fall.


Working with John was a bucket-filler for many of us on the team and we truly enjoyed our time getting to know him and the Rawhide story. It is impressive and leaves you wishing for simpler and friendlier times. We encourage all of our Red Shoes friends and family to read this one and we thank John for a wonderful summer. Work sure doesn’t feel like work when you’re having fun!

“Our 351 Sons” can be purchased online at or on Amazon.

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