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Take a business breather by giving

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Check presentation at Geegan for penny drive from Jessica Dennis on Vimeo.

It’s always great when a plan comes together. After Haiti’s earthquake, we at Red Shoes PR felt compelled to give. And after @tommytrc and Mrs. Tommytrc told us about the penny drive going on at Gegan Elementary, we decided to pull our resources together.

In a matter of weeks, with a little bit of help from us at Red Shoes PR, Gegan Elementary school in Menasha raised $2,000 to donate to our local American Red Cross Chapter. Prospera Credit Union counted up the thousands of pennies. Simple Simon Bakery generously donated dozens of cookies for the winning kindergartners and Appleton Sign helped out with a giant-sized check — which the boys and girls oooo’ed and ahhhhh’ed about!

Yes, we could have just written a check. But all of us working together to better the world in our own little way has huge rewards. It provided all of us at Red Shoes PR the opportunity to get out of the office, see how we could impact others and see firsthand the joy on all of the childrens’ faces.That’s worth its weight in gold.

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