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Announcing the Sole Source Podcast

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Sometimes in life, you’re thrown a curveball and you have to run with it. Being a small business that has held true to its entrepreneurial spirit since day one, we have done just that! Today, we are launching our podcast, Sole Source. While originally intended to launch a few months from now, we decided that given the circumstances, the time is now. There are too many good stories, (yes I said good) not to. Stories that are heartwarming and touching with impactful, differing perspectives that need to be told today given the COVID-19 world we now live in.

Our intent with Sole Source is not to do the stories everyone else is doing, but to do the stories that are a bit harder to find and to deliver differing perspectives to inspire you to think in a new way. And just like Red Shoes launched during the recession of 2008, we are taking another risk by launching Sole Source now. We hope you enjoy it, learn from it and most of all, have a different, refreshed perspective and appreciation for other points of view. These are the stories we will bring to you and that you will only hear here.


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