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Social media update: May 11, 2017

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As PR professionals, it’s essential to stay on top of all of the latest news, including social media. Here is a roundup of the latest social media updates during April 29 through May 11.



Facebook launches Rights Manager tools

This allows content creators to establish automatic rules, especially aimed to the process of protecting rights to video content.


Facebook releases Q1 financials

The social network reaches 1.936 billion monthly users and 1.284 billion daily users.


Facebook took steps to protect U.K. elections from fake news

The social network published a series of ads in newspapers giving advice to users on how to spot fake news.


Facebook promoted a former NYT employee to lead its news products

Alex Hardiman will fill the head of news products role after she has been leading the social network’s pages’ team.


Facebook and Snapchat begin pushing QR codes

After Snapchat’s success with the Snapcode, the tone around QR codes changed.


Facebook adds conversation section

Facebook has shared public posts in a new section called “Latest Conversations” where users can more easily find public posts on a topic.


Facebook Ads Manager improves capabilities with Excel

Facebook released Facebook Ads Manager for Excel, which is an add-in for the Microsoft Office spreadsheet program that speeds up the process of exporting data and campaign reporting.


Facebook TV is coming

The final details have not been released, but it announced it will release a line-up of television-style shows on the site in June.


Facebook is testing another news feed feature

This one is called “topics” and allows users to follow information from outlets they might not consistent read, but might like.


Facebook is looking to artificial intelligence to help monitor Facebook Live

Makr Zuckerberg said it may take some time, and in the meantime the company will hire 3,000 people to monitor Live content.


Facebook users can now react to comments

The same feature you use in Messenger or on posts can be used on post comments now, too.


Facebook Marketplace gets a makeover

The new colorful redesign also includes improved search and filtering features.


Facebook improves offline conversions data

Brands using Facebook Lead ads via Business Manager can get a more accurate measurement of offline conversions.


Facebook revisits automatic sound ads

The platform allows videos on Facebook to be played with automatic sound by default, and mid-roll ad updates are available to publishers.



Instagram Stories is demolishing its competition

Instagram Stories is only eight months old and has more users than Facebook stories and Snapchat.


Instagram introduces more stickers to mark the end of the school year

Users in several countries around the world can view these stickers related to the end of the school year, as well as prom and graduation.


Instagram users can now share photos via its mobile site

The new mobile web experience includes the option to post photos, browse feeds and profiles, search for accounts and more.



ABC News compiled a list of Donald Trump’s tweets during his first 99 days in office

The three most common words and phrases the president used were Democrats, fake news and media.


Round 1 of the NFL draft netted 4 million tweets

Quarterbacks were the dominant topic of conversation. The Chicago Bears trading up from No. 3 to No. 2 was most-tweeted moment.


Twitter will soon have ads like Snapchat

The news app announced a slew of new live video partnerships and will introduce a new form of advertising similar to those shown between Snapchat or Instagram Stories.


Twitter has a blowout Q1

It is attributed to an improved algorithm and a decrease in its sales and marketing workforce.


Instagram’s outage proves users flock to Twitter for customer service

Twitter is still a dominating platform for quick bites of information and customer service.


Nicki Minaj gives students with A’s a surprise on Twitter

Twitter users who tweeted a picture of their report card with straight A’s and in return, Minaj offered to pay fans’ student loans.


Twitter has a Roku channel

Roku users will soon be able to browse through the Twitter timeline for real-time commentary during live events.


Teen looking for free chicken nuggets becomes most RT tweet ever

It’s another great example of the effectiveness of user-generated content on social media.


Twitter is using AI to recommend tweets

Artificial intelligence is being used to improve tweets it recommends to users in its tweet-ranking algorithm.



Youtubers give “the talk” to teens

While adolescents are turning to the internet to fill in the gaps, it can be difficult to navigate if you don’t know what you’re looking for.


YouTube releases new website design

The platform will see a flatter, minimalist website redesign soon that is available to users to use via opting-in.


YouTube limits ads on channels

Only channels with more than 10,000 lifetime views will be allowed to have ads.


Study shows YouTube is the best place to reach boomers

Boomers are more inclined to believe that YouTube won’t serve them deceptive videos. Boomers also find YouTube ads less annoying than millennials.



Snapchat patent reveals the company’s future

The new patent reveals an augmented reality feature within the Spectacles glasses.


Snapchat improves ad buys

The company announced a new self-serve advertising tool for marketers to buy full-screen placements in June.


Snapchat users often can’t be reached on other platforms

A study released most Snapchat daily users can not be reached on YouTube, Facebook Messenger or Instagram, and, on any given day, 35 percent of Snapchat’s daily users cannot be reached on Facebook.


Snapchat makes big updates

Among those are added features such as limitless snaps, looping snaps, emoji drawing and a magic eraser.


Snapchat adds new geofilters

The updated filters show the name of a nearby business with the name of the city you’re in below in white texts over snaps.


Snapchat releases daily users

There are only 166 million users, which means it’s not growing as fast as everyone thought it would.



Pinterest adds visual search guides to its Lens, among other updates

The new feature is a live camera search, which is an object-detection search called Visual Guides. It can also identify multiple items in one photo, as well as read QR codes.



Yik Yak’s demise is finally here

The once-evaluated $400 million app is officially winding down.


Google releases Recommended Topics feature

This will populate topics in users’ Google+ Home Streams they can click and learn more. Topics include sports, animals, photography and more.


How do you reach millennials on social? Hint: They’re on their phone

Texting is still huge among millennials, so many businesses are considering SMS marketing as a fast-growing form of marketing.


Spotify launches Spotify Codes

This allows users to quickly share tracks, artists, albums and playlists with their contacts and others on social media.


Google and Facebook now account for 20 percent of global ad revenue

Google increased its ranking with three times more ad revenue than Facebook, which now ranks No. 2.

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