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Social media update: May 26, 2017

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As PR professionals, it’s essential to stay on top of all of the latest news, including social media. Here is a roundup of the latest Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter updates during May 20 through May 26.



Facebook tweaked its trending feature

iPhone users will now see a carousel of stories from various publications rather than a single source. This feature will be added to Android users and desktop users “soon.”

Facebook pays $122 million in fines to the E.U.

Facebook owes this fine after charges stated it misled regulators during its 2014 acquisition of WhatsApp. It is the largest the company has had to pay to any government.

Leaked Facebook data sheds some interesting light on how they operate

Among the information is guidelines Facebook has on how to handle sexual and violent content.

Facebook partners with MLB partner to bring live-streamed games to users

20 live, regular season games will be aired on Facebook Live.

Facebook is beta-testing new self-service tool for publishers’ direct-sold campaigns

The tool is called Audience Direct, which will finalize deals between publishers and advertisers for direct-sold video campaigns on publishers’ owned-and-operated sites.

Facebook is outpacing LinkedIn for B2B

Nearly as many professionals are using Facebook as LinkedIn, and 74 percent of people are using Facebook for professional reasons versus 78 percent for LinkedIn.

Facebook Instant Articles will work with Google AMP and Apple News soon

The Instant Articles software will now support Google AMP, which is Google’s version of Instant Articles.

All users can officially broadcast live with another person

This user doesn’t even have to be in the same country, and this feature is available to ALL users, not just Pages.

Facebook offers guidance to publishers to ensure their Facebook content stays afloat

Some of these tips cover keeping content safe, encouraging respectful behavior and providing authentic, informative and meaningful content.



Instagram has been named the worst social media app for young peoples’ mental health

A UK study released by the Royal Society for Public Health named Instagram the worst app for mental health due to its impact on anxiety, depression, self-identity and body image.

Instagram adds two new types of Stories

Hashtag Stories and location Stories are being rolled out now and over the coming weeks.

More job seekers are using Instagram to research company culture

However, Facebook and LinkedIn still reign supreme when researching prospective companies

Instagram introduces feature that lets users archive photos that don’t play well

This will let users hide any posts from anyone else, but keep them safe for you to look at in private or later make visible again.

Instagram adds advertising objectives

New ad objectives include video views, traffic, conversions and mobile app installs.

Instagram introduces new sticker packs

These are aimed to help users add more context and creativity to stories.

Instagram messages offer new capabilities

Instagram Direct, Instagram’s messaging feature, now supports landscape photos.



Twitter adds more emoji’s

Twitter’s latest update adds emoji options to include more genders and skin tones.

Twitter focuses on building revenue

Twitter hires new GM of revenue products, previously the CEO of Turn.

Twitter announces privacy change

Twitter will store data for web activities for 30 days instead of 10 but users can disable this function.



YouTube is bringing 360-degree video to TV

Any smart TV that runs the YouTube app or gets access to Google’s Chromecast will soon be able to experience 360 degree videos using the remote as a way to explore.



Snapchat introduces custom Stories for capturing group moments with friends

It is about to become a lot easier to share photos from your Snap story with your friends.

James Corden is getting a Snapchat show

The show is called “James Corden’s Next James Corden,” and will debut in the fall. This is part of Snapchat’s larger strategy to reinvent TV for mobile millennials.

Snapchat deepens Bitmoji integration

It will now appear in your Snapcode!



More and more brands are finding value in Pinterest’s new autoplay video ad function

Brands include Universal Pictures, Visa, Pillsbury, Toyota, L’Oreal, Adidas and Tesco.

Pinterest launches new feature to make finding recipes so much easier

It’s described as a real-time ‘dish recognition,’ which allows Pinterest to then recommend users new recipes to try using similar ingredients.


Google introduces Suggested Sharing

This feature will help users easily share Google Photos with friends and family.

Google proves connection between purchases and online ads, even when they happen offline

Google can now determine how many sales have been generated by digital campaigns (called the ‘holy grail’ of data for online advertising), but there are some controversial points about privacy complaints.

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