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Social media update: March 3, 2017

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As PR professionals, it’s essential to stay on top of all of the latest news, including social media updates. Here is a roundup of the top social media stories from Feb. 25 through March 3 for our latest social media update.



Facebook expands testing of a secondary news feed

Some Android users have noticed an additional “Explore” tab next to their “Home” news feed tab. The “Explore” tab will feature a combination of photos, videos and articles tailored to each users’ interests from pages they haven’t liked or followed.

Facebook upgrades video experience

Facebook is rolling out new products and features that make organic videos and video ads feel richer and engaging for viewers, including a better vertical video experience and more intuitive creative resources.

Facebook beefs up suicide prevention outreach

Users will soon be able to report if someone might harm themselves while broadcasting on Facebook Live. The tool will help connect those in distress with people who can support them.

Facebook is getting new emojis

1,620 new ones to be exact.

Facebook is testing out a travel planning feature

It’s called City Guides and will provide suggestions for local events, restaurants, etc.


Instagram rolls out full-screen Stories ads globally

Stories advertisers around the world can utilize full-screen ads, an announcement that was made just before Snap Inc. went public.

Users will likely be able to tag brands in their posts soon

This is intended to be used by those who endorse products rather than using the #spon or #ad hashtags in their posts.


Twitter sees growth in Brazil

The company saw a 30 percent boost in advertising revenue last year.

Twitter introduces new safety features

Users can now turn on three new notification filters including muting notifications from accounts without a profile picture, verified email or phone number.

Periscope introduces closed groups, group invites

These updates are available in its mobile app so users can go live to certain groups or people.


Snapchat had an exclusive lens for its IPO day

The lens – a rainbow vomiting dog – was only available on the NYSE and Snap offices Thursday.


YouTube TV is coming

This platform will allow viewers to subscribe and watch live feeds of top TV networks for $35 a month. Also included will be a cloud-based DVR with the capacity to keep an unlimited number of shows.


Pinterest ups its budget for artificial intelligence

Pinterest Labs will be launched soon and is a new group within the org dedicated to machine learning because “most of Pinterest hasn’t been built yet.”

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