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Social media update: June 2, 2017

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As PR professionals, it’s essential to stay on top of all of the latest news, including social media. Here is a roundup of the latest social media updates from May 27 through June 2.


Facebook now allows users to add posts to albums, not just photos

This new feature essentially acts as a digital scrapbook for all types of content.

Facebook is testing a feature for Pages

It is called Page Assistant and provides messages to page admins about enhancing their pages and boosting their results on the platform. This is expected to be added to all Pages eventually, but for now only limited users are seeing this feature added.

Facebook advertisers can now create a value-based custom audience

Lifetime value is added to custom audiences, which also means advertisers can create lookalike audiences using that information.



Instagram users can now send external hyperlinks in direct messages

This is BIG news as users have been looking to Instagram to support hyperlinks in some capacity for a while.

Brands can now run “click to message” ads

This could be useful for clients looking to increase engagement on Instagram and the ads can be placed on both Facebook and Instagram to extend reach.



LinkedIn launched a salary calculator

This tool is free, but is only based on what users TELL LinkedIn they make, assuming they are being honest.



Journalists report Twitter is the preferred tool over Snapchat

Journalists see Twitter as a “water cooler” and Snapchat isn’t useful in a “professional” manner.

Twitter now allows users to review direct messages from unknown users before opening

The new inbox function works for anyone who has turned on the setting that allows receipt of messages from people they don’t follow and will let them choose to delete or accept inbound messages.



YouTube added an Activity Tab on the iOS app

This is a new feature that lets users view new comments on their videos and keep track of their subscriptions.

YouTube kids launched #ReadAlong Campaign to encourage kids to read

This campaign takes place in June and is designed to help young viewers learn to read and show them why reading is fun. **Could any of our clients (RUSD, AASD, etc.) place ads on this platform or upload their own videos?



A U.K. man charged as a sex offender was banned from using Snapchat

He was ordered not to use any device incapable of retaining and storing Internet history.



Google launches a new tool that makes it easier to display data

The tool is called Data GIF Maker and allows users to create short graphical clips from animations and videos based on Google Search Trends or other data sources.

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