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Social media update: Jan. 20, 2017

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As PR professionals, it’s essential to stay on top of all of the latest news, including social media updates. Here is a roundup of the top social media stories from Jan. 14 through Jan. 20, 2017, for our latest social media update.


Facebook offers an estimate of how many people will remember your ad within two days

It’s a new metric in the Ad Center called “Estimated Ad Recall Lift” and it marks the difference between predicted recall among those who saw your ad opposed to those who didn’t.  In order to see this metric, you will need to customize your view, and Facebook warns it may be imprecise, as it’s only an estimate.

Facebook offers reminders to Page admins to make updates

Admins can set custom reminders to update their pages so to create and post regular content to build visitor trust and engagement.

Facebook implements time-tracking tool

It’s called TodoBook and allows users to turn their News Feed into a to-do list they have to complete in order to “unlock” time to view their News Feed.

Facebook is no longer paying publishers to make live videos

Last year Facebook spent $50 million paying publishers and celebs to create live videos, but these deals are not expected to be renewed.

Facebook will soon stop showing if a post has been edited

Twitter still doesn’t allow users to edit posts, but Facebook does and it has stopped showing if a post has been edited.


Instagram is crashing for some users

It’s a bug that came with the latest app update. Here’s how to fix it.


Twitter gets rid of “buy” button

This is due to the fact that many people don’t buy things on Twitter and go to platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest.

Twitter might change the layout for its Moments

The new layout will showcase related tweets in a timeline-like format instead of its flipbook-style.

Twitter is finally on Instagram

Twitter starts making moves to market itself on other social platforms


Snapchat revamps ad strategy to reflect users’ real-world shopping habits

Snapchat users will begin seeing ads tailored to reflect what they purchase in-store. This targeting will also let advertisers target those users who are part of loyalty rewards programs.

Snapchat offers ad bundle packages

The app is allowing advertisers to take advantage of “sequenced messaging,” which allows advertisers to run consecutive video ads with different creative in its Discovery section.


LinkedIn updates desktop site

LinkedIn desktop site gets a makeover and gets a simplified new look. LinkedIn Learning is also now available.


Pinterest adds new features to ads campaign

New features include assigning budgets and targeting to ad groups, aligning campaign budgets and streamlining campaigns across platforms.


YouTube adds in-app messaging

The platform has been testing it since last May, but it is officially launched in Canada. This feature makes it easier for users to chat and share videos.

Advertisers can now target YouTube ads with data from Google Accounts

This will provide better measurements and insights while targeting ads.


Introductory guide to SEO in 2017

In the spirit of learning more about Google Analytics, here’s a great resource to bookmark for when you have time to learn more about SEO.

Google acquired several technology assets from Twitter

Assets include Fabric mobile app development platform, a crash-reporting platform and an analytics tool.

Google+ makes changes to platform

Updates include hiding lower-quality comments, adding a zoom functionality to photos and adding events.

5 ways to repurpose popular social media posts

Here’s a great resource for social media managers to bookmark.

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