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Social media update: Feb. 24, 2017

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As PR professionals, it’s essential to stay on top of all of the latest news, including social media updates. Here is a roundup of the top social media stories from Feb. 18 through Feb. 24, 2017, for our latest social media update.


Facebook expands video ads to include Facebook Live

Mid-roll ads are being tested on streaming videos, and ads during Facebook Live videos are being expanded to include ad breaks for publisher videos. Ads can’t be run until a video plays for at least 20 seconds.

Facebook opens paid live broadcasting to general public

Users who have more than 2,000 followers and can get at least 300 people to watch one of their live broadcasts concurrently will get a 55 percent share of ad revenues.
Facebook users can show their countries’ flags in profile pictures

Profile picture frames aren’t anything new, but now users can choose from 200 flag frames to add temporarily or permanently to their profile pictures.

Facebook stock hits an all-time high

At 136.79 a share, this is the second time in February the company has broken its previous record.


Instagram albums launches

Users can upload 10 photos and videos per post for others to swipe through.


Twitter locks accounts that swear at famous people for a limited time

Users will get a notification that Twitter detected “potentially abusive activity” on the account and only shows tweets to followers for 12 hours.


Sports and news Discover channels are the least-viewed channels

60 percent of adult Americans report not wanting to see content from traditional news outlets on Snapchat. This includes ESPN, the NBA and NFL. 57 percent of adults don’t care for Daily Mail or E! Entertainment channels, either.

3 ways to use Snapchat for marketing

A good article to bookmark for future reference.


La La Land is the most popular trailer on YouTube ahead of the Oscars

Following La La Land is Arrival and Hacksaw Ridge.

YouTube pulls livestream of giraffe birth

The company said it contained “sexually explicit content,” and people are confused.


Pinterest extends promoted pins worldwide

Promoted pins are now available in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.


How to measure LinkedIn organic activity

Another article to bookmark to learn more about user engagement on LinkedIn.


Advertising in a post-advertising era: the mobile-social effect of engagement

Here’s an interesting take on the line between social media ads and content. Take a read when you have a minute or two.

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