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Social media update: April 7, 2017

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As PR professionals, it’s essential to stay on top of all of the latest news, including social media. Here is a roundup of the top social media news from April 1 through April 7 for our latest social media news update.


Facebook brings back M, kind of

Messenger announced the launch of M, which is a tool that uses AI to make suggestions during users’ conversations on actions they should take.

Facebook launches Workplace Standard

Workplace Standard – otherwise known as Facebook at Work, is the free version of Workplace Premium, the paid version of Workplace. Workplace brings traditional Facebook features to company networks and keeps personal Facebook profiles separate.

Facebook Messenger chat bots that can give shipping updates

Messenger also offers a generic template for issue resolutions, and all conversations between business and users must be started by the user.

One in five Facebook videos is Live

Facebook has seen the Live broadcasting daily watch time grow four times in the past year.



One Instagram post from Beyonce is worth $1 million

This was assessed by analyzing Beyonce’s followers, post reach, engagement and click rate.



Twitter Lite launches

This app requires less than 1 MB of memory and runs 30 percent faster than Twitter.

Twitter changes default profile picture

Users will no longer see the famous Twitter egg, but rather will see a “gumdrop-headed human.”

Twitter adds location sharing for businesses

Businesses who offer customer support over DMs can share their different office locations to customize responses based on where the customer lives.



YouTube Live TV streaming officially launches in U.S.

YouTube TV costs users $35 a month and will offer subscribers access to live television programming from more than 50 networks.

YouTube creators can now only monetize when they reach 10,000 views

This provides a threshold that will verify the validity of the page before it can run ads on channels.



Pinterest is up to 175 million monthly active users

This is up 25 million from last October.



Snapchat imitates Instagram Stories for April Fools’

The app included a filter that made your photo look like an Instagram photo that is “liked” by a user named “my_mom.”

Snapchat launches search function for Stories

Users can search for specific story tags, such as puppies or sports, or users can search for stories by location.

Snapchat strikes deal with NBCUniversal on Winter Olympics

Snapchat will land 2018 Winter Olympic-themed content similar to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

McDonald’s is accepting resume on Snapchat

It launched “Snaplications” in Australia via a Snapchat lens that shows the user in a McDonald’s uniform.

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