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When it comes to digital recruitment campaigns, remember the small things

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As the number of open job positions continues to grow, so does the competition for qualified applicants. Most of our clients are feeling the need to be creative when it comes to increasing applicants. They turn to Red Shoes to develop marketing campaigns centered around hiring talent and recruitment campaigns. We see this as a great opportunity to utilize digital marketing and social media.

One client in particular had a job opening and was struggling to receive qualified applicants. Instead of continuing to post the job on various jobs sites, this client decided to think differently and look for small ways to increase applicants. One of the slight tweaks they made was editing the job posting to include a headshot of a current employee in that position. They also added a quote from the employee about why she liked working for that company and the rewarding aspects of her work; in the next few days, the number of applicants skyrocketed!

It wasn’t fancy, but the testimonial was hugely successful for them. This is a good reminder to use the basics of communication:

  • Keep it simple
  • Include images when possible
  • Tell your story
  • Search for and use testimonials
  • Your own employees are your best advocates

More tips for recruitment campaigns

When using an image, though stock images are fast and easy to grab online, nothing beats an original photo. With the advanced technology we have in our smartphones, even an iPhone photo is better than a stock photo. Choose a photo that helps tell your story.

If you know you will be looking to hire in the near future, start collecting testimonials for your products and services now. Potential candidates want to see clear benefits to working for you. Even beyond a hiring campaign, these testimonials make fantastic social media posts. Just think, how many of you scour the online reviews when buying a product or service?

The longer our economy continues to prosper, the more we’re going to have to figure out how to cut through the clutter of employer brands. As you and your team work to set yourselves apart from the competition, don’t forget to consider how you’re communicating through your job postings. You may be overlooking the little things.


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