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“I’m so excited about what I’m learning today on social media I called my PR person over the break and told her we are getting started!” Now that’s the kind of comment I like to hear during a presentation.

Last week I was in Maine to present social media at St. Joseph College for their health care symposium and this was the comment I heard from an attendee. I was thrilled with her reaction. But she also commented about one of my key take-aways from the presentation: Implementing social media at an organization takes continuous  learning through education.

However, I’m not sure many organizations understand this when they decide to take the plunge.

Here are some things to keep in mind as your organization moves forward:

Your internal audience is critical to your social media engagment but they need to be kept up to speed through continuous learning. This could include social media overviews, technology updates and in-house workshops on how to set up a Facebook account and more.

On-going education can and should reach as many people as possible throughout your organization. If employees are your best ambassadors, why would you restrict learning to a select group? Social media is not just for the marketing folks. Remember, it’s for anyone who has a voice, opinion and Internet access. Take it far, wide and deep!

You want to also accommodate the many different levels of social media understanding present throughout your organization to tailor the education. For example (and forgive me while I generalize), while the Millenials might have a firm grasp of the tools, they may still need guidance on how best to represent the organization online through communications. And while Baby Boomers understand the intricacies of communications they might be a bit more unsure of how to use the tools. One shoe size does not fit all.

Give ongoing education some serious consideration as you move forward. You might even find there are more benefits to providing ongoing education than you anticipated.

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