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Social media update: April 21, 2017

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As PR professionals, it’s essential to stay on top of all of the latest news, including social media. Here is a roundup of the top Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook updates during April 15 through April 21.


Facebook vows to improve content review procedures

In the wake of the recent news events, Facebook is vowing to improve its procedures for reviewing content, and to be sure users can report videos and other material as easily and quickly as possible.

Facebook revealed a ton of new tech its working on at its F8 developer conference this week

Included in the tech is two high-tech cameras it wants companies to use to film 360-degree video, as well as an augmented reality app that invites users to make their own lenses. (Watch out Snapchat!)

Facebook is working on making Facebook Workplace more secure

This includes ensuring documents and other content can be shared only with authorizes users.

Facebook is testing background colors on links in Page posts

Users have noticed some Page posts and suggested posts have links with a background color that matches the image in the post.

Subway partners with Facebook Messenger

Users can order Subway and pay for it through the app. Users are likely to see more and more of this type of activity available through Messenger in the future.

Facebook purges fake accounts

Facebook announced a crack-down on the fake accounts that share fake news, and even took out a full-page ad in French newspapers prior to the country’s upcoming presidential election.



Instagram debuts new Pinterest-like feature

Users can now group saved photos and videos in a private collection – for example, products you want to buy later, places to travel, etc.

Instagram for Android now works offline

The feature allows users to comment and like others’ photos and unfollow accounts without any data connection. Offline mode could eventually make its way to iOS.

More and more restaurants are focusing on creating “Instagram-worthy” dishes

Due to rise in the popularity of social media, restaurants are beginning to realize the importance and influence of the platform.



LinkedIn improves messaging feature

Users can now send messages from anywhere on its desktop site, and also began providing relevant suggestions or users to message to those who may be looking for new jobs based on mutual connections.



You can “dislike” tweets

Although it’s not easy to find and is not consistent, it’s still there!

In-stream video ads just launched on Twitter

This is an attempt to help the platform appeal to more advertisers and to align with videos from Amplify partners.



April the giraffe finally had her baby

The 66-day birthing process captivated more than 232 million total live views – the average time watched for the livestream was more than 30 minutes and the birth garnered more than 14 million live views.



Snapchat is beginning to gain an older audience

41 percent of users ages 25 to 34 use the app more often today than a survey last year, however users 18-29 are twice as likely to use Snap Stories when compared to users 45-54.

Snapchat adds new lenses

These new lenses change the environment, rather than the people in the photos.



Pinterest partners with Michaels to bring DIY trends to life

The duo launched “Make it Kits” that include all supplies necessary to make popular trending projects on Pinterest.



Russian hackers turn to social media

“Experts say Russian organized crime groups are switching their focus from email to social media when they target their victims… where your guard isn’t as high as maybe it is with email.”

Adidas makes a big oops

Product email subscribers received an email with the subject line saying “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!” Twitter wasn’t happy.

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