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Remembering your summer social media

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describe the imageIn honor of the first day of summer this week, I want to talk about a little thing that most of us forget to do in the midst of trying to get outside, cook out with friends and family, roast s’mores and enjoy some time by the lake. That thing would be keeping up with our social media.

I’m the first to admit my focus is much more on catching rays with friends instead of Hootsuite now that warm weather has finally graced us with its presence. Who wants to be inside on the computer reading through RSS feeds and Facebook statuses when there’s a swimming pool calling your name? However leaving your social media to die in the off-months of summer, doesn’t bode well for you or your company.

After spending valuable time positioning your social platforms to be relevant and knowledgeable sources as well as gaining a solid group of followers, a sudden stop in the flow of information can cause a loss in credibility. It can also show a lack of commitment. With followers having nothing new to repost, your brand won’t get the beneficial exposure that social media provides.

Here are some tips on how to keep your social platforms alive and thriving without giving up your fun in the sun time:

  1. Schedule your entire day’s tweets all at once. Even better schedule them right away in the morning.  That way if other things come up throughout the day, there’s no worries about leaving your Twitter unmanned.
  2. When you get inspiration, write a blog post about it. You might not need it at that point in time but it’ll come in handy when are due for another post at a busier point in time.
  3. Get social media apps on your phone. No matter if you are in the car on the way to the beach or relaxing in a lawn chair, you can check what’s happening in your virtual worlds and reply without having to get up or log onto a computer.
  4. When you see a good article, save it. You can save time by having a page of useful articles that would work well to publish as Facebook statuses or tweets. Just paste and go!
  5. Integrate your summer activities with social media. If you find an activity or place interesting, chances are so will your followers. Posting pictures with captions are an easy post and a great way to engage people.

Photo Source: Will Merydith

Posted by Lindsey Noack, our Red Shoes PR 2011 summer intern. She will be a senior this year at UW-Oshkosh. You can find Lindsey on Twitter at @LinzCnoack.

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