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Red Shoes PR Idol- Sara Jeffers

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Red Shoes PR Idol – Sara Jeffers from Jessica Dennis on Vimeo.

It was the biggest audition of my life. Well, at least since the last time I auditioned.

“You only get one shot, make it count,” Ryan Seacrest said. “These 25 seconds could change your life forever.” Great. I was having enough trouble getting in and out of the bathroom every 20 minutes because of all the “voice-healing” water I was guzzling. Now Seacrest was adding another layer of nausea to the mix. I had full-body shakes.

You would think I would be used to the grueling process that is American Idol auditions. I was in the same position for season three: same never-ending lines, same extremely talented competition, same high-stakes potential. Only this time I was confident I was going to take it. I’d been the lead singer in two bands and sang for dozens of weddings (and a few funerals) since season three, and while that doesn’t make me a pro, it gives me the poise I need to sing for this random producer.

After waiting for eight hours in the Bradley Center stands with my competition, my turn was up. Myself, along with three others sitting next to me, lined up to make the best first impression. I had been watching table 11 all morning; so far he had given away three golden tickets to advance, so my odds were stacked against me. The three others sang before me, and all were given one chance to sing. It was my turn to knock his socks off.

I sang my first choice, “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy. “Great,” random producer said. “Give me another one.” Another one? Yes! Next up was my rendition of “Dance With My Father” by Luther Vandross. “Excellent. Can I have another?” Another? Absolutely. Next I sang “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin.  I officially had almost two whole minutes in front of Mr. Random Producer, and I was convinced I killed it. In a very good way.

“So…unfortunately you’re not what we’re looking for, “ Mr. Random said. “Good luck.” And just like that, it was over. But before leaving, he grabbed my arm and said, “Seriously. Don’t stop.” Really? Then why are you stopping me?

So now I’m back to the real world. Back to being an intern and back to singing for people who want to listen. And you know, I’d rather be at Red Shoes PR anyway. 🙂

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