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Profit-driven or purpose-driven – which are you?

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Does your company go after just about any and every opportunity to increase cash flow, or are you more strategic and conscientious of your company’s higher purpose? I recently read a blog post that piqued my interest as it relates to purpose-driven and profit-driven business decisions. Of course, in the business world it is best if these two match up, but where do you draw the line?

The blog post notes that CEOs who make business decisions based on short-term gain may not be thinking long term about their company’s values or higher purpose. What’s seemingly good right now may reflect poorly in the grand scheme of things. It’s important to take a step back when going after new business and reflect on what this new client or project will do for your company. There are some questions to ask:

• Is the project a good reflection of my company’s image?
• Is it something my employees can get behind?
• Does it conflict with any of the values my company has established? Does it conflict with the mission?
• Overall, will it have a positive impact on the bottom line?

Every start-up company (and even the most seasoned companies) should put a focus on clearly defining a mission and a set of values. By having a clear definition, choices on whether or not to take on certain projects or clients should become clearer.

Do you think there is a shift taking place? Are things less profit-driven and more purpose-driven within your organization? Or has there always been a balance?

(Blog post written in reaction to 4 ways purpose-driven CEOs can align purpose with revenue)

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