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Product Reviews With a Transparent, Social Media Twist

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About six weeks ago I received an email from Klout asking me if I was interested in receiving some free make up products from a big name brand. I was confused to say the least. I couldn’t understand how they got my name and contact information until I remembered. I had voluntarily signed up on the Klout web site.

I remember seeing people post their tweets from the Klout web site. These tweets included a “Klout” score or rather showed what their ranking is when it comes to influence among their tweeps. While I was signing up to see what my influence was, Klout had another purpose. Klout’s clients are companies or businesses who want to get their products or services in the hands of influential people online. There are a number of factors they review such as true reach, amplification, engagement and more. At my low Klout score of 41 out of a 100, I’m still a little stumped why they approached me but they did.

After I read through the first email from Klout, I decided to experiment and agreed to reviewing the CoverGirl products. After all, I do love my makeup! I also thought it would be interesting to see how Klout implements the process of soliciting reviews and subsequent policies requiring disclosures. I was pleasantly surprised.

Each email clearly stated that there were no expectations. I could simply enjoy the product and not say another word. Or, if I did talk about it I should include this link: The tone of the emails was engaging, personal and lighthearted. I was definitely intrigued.

And of course I wrote a full review of the make up on my personal blog, you can read it here.

What do you think of their approach to product and service reviews? Does it make you uncomfortable? Do you think it’s OK to do as long as people abide by full disclosure? Will the social media sphere accept or reject this approach? I look forward to your opinions.

In the meantime, I’ll keep using my CoverGirl lip gloss and eye shadow. I’m a woman, I can’t help it!

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