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PR During The Holidays – What Should You Do?

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PR During the HolidaysTis’ the season! It’s time for baking, listening to holiday music and decking the halls. But it’s also the perfect time to ramp up your PR efforts by pitching fun, creative story ideas to the media. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, reporters are often times looking for feel-good stories or feature story ideas – things that maybe aren’t considered during harder hitting news times.

Develop the pitches in mid-November, and send them out during the beginning of December so reporters have time to process information and develop their own angle. Follow up about a week later to see how the ideas were received. Pitching early and following up in a timely manner will help when planning interviews. The purpose of this process is to make things easier on everyone before offices close for the holidays.

Here are some ideas to think about for holiday season story pitches (remember, reporters are looking for something different):

  • Think about pitching ideas surrounding industry trends throughout the past year and a look ahead for the New Year. What are the new developments in your industry, and how will they affect business in the New Year? Position yourself as a thought leader, especially during the holiday season when reporters are looking for timely content.
  • Think about what you’ve done over the year to impact your community. How has your company given back? Compile all of your ideas, and then think of how you can pitch a visual story to the media.
  • Is your company doing anything fun and engaging during the holidays? Are you dressing up and ringing bells? Or having a themed Christmas party to raise money for a charity or non-profit? Those are visual ideas that reporters might be seeking.

Don’t forget about your social media efforts, either. Maintain your presence by scheduling posts ahead of time – just make sure the messages are appropriate to the holidays. Ask your fans and followers to share their holiday stories with you.

Do you have any other ideas of what types of stories to pitch during the season?

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