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PR advice for Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton

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Alas, I wasn’t invited to The Royal Wedding. What can a girl do? But I do have a little bit of PR advice for The Royal Couple as they sail off into the sunset with the world watching every step, now and forevermore. Here are a few pieces of PR advice, direct to the couple, off the top of my tiara-less head:

1) Continue with the in-person greetings of “the people.” These touchpoints create long-lasting goodwill that will help weather any rocky storms headed your way in the future. It warms peoples’ hearts to see you shaking hands and cooing at babies while gathering armfuls of flowers.

2) Focus heavily on your philanthropic work and ensure that the media makes note of every move. Again, the work that you do will help build up your line of (goodwill) credit with the country and the world … especially with the economy the way it is.

3) Keep up the visits with local grocery stores, pubs and more. Most of us can and do enjoy relating our lives with your lives (even if we know better!). There’s something intriguing about seeing people of wealth wheeling a shopping cart through a parking lot or sipping a beer at a pub that makes us think, “They are just like us!” The relatability factor is huge for us commoners.

4) Sometimes you gotta live a little. There was nothing more enjoyable than when Princess Diana and her naughty sister-in-law poked a little fun now and then. This again shows us you are human and that you like to laugh and have a good time.

5) Listen to the public and respond accordingly. It’s always important to listen to the mood of the public and respond in a way that demonstrates you are listening by your actions, demeanor and word selection. If you aren’t sure what’s being said take a listen on social media channels and see and hear for yourself.

Anyone else have some PR advice for the couple? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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