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I finally feel like I belong: the Oregon Trail Generation

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As someone born in 1984, I am technically a Millennial, but feel extremely distanced from the group’s worldview shown by the media. I always rebelled against being grouped in with this generation and thanks to this blog, I finally have a cohort to call my own—the Oregon Trail Generation.

To summarize the blog—we are the generation whose earliest exposure to computer technology was often at school, with games like Oregon Trail. We spent our adolescence without technology ingrained in our lives, but enjoyed participating as cell phones, personal computers and social media became so accessible in our teens and early 20s.

Perhaps this explains that while I spend my days figuring out the best channels (including social media) to reach our clients’ target audiences, I chide my 19-year-old cousin—a fellow Millennial—for taking selfies at and Instagramming during our family dinners.

This in-between section has an important place within a generation who grew up in vastly different environments. Because the Oregon Trail Generation is sandwiched between the Generation Xers ahead of us and the Millennials behind us, we are able to work easily between them, bridging two very different life experiences. Look for the Oregon Trail Generation to help create harmony in your office and to find insights into the often overlooked Xers and the ever-elusive Millennials. We’re more insightful than you might think.

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