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A new way to use Twitter

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Twitter is seeing a shift in how users use the platform. Twitter is no longer the go-to account for day-to-day life updates, that’s what Snapchat, Facebook stories and Instagram stories are for. But at Red Shoes, we saw a whole different opportunity to utilize our account to better serve our clients.


Traditionally, Red Shoes used Twitter to share the same information we share on our other social platforms, but we’ve decided to switch things up based on what we’re seeing on our Twitter page results. We’ve discovered that Twitter isn’t as popular to our followers compared to Facebook and Instagram. However, reporters and bloggers use Twitter all the time. They live tweet at events, they read headlines and post them on Twitter and they even ask for story help or suggestions through specific hashtags.


These hashtags are used in tweets that reporters put out when they are looking for sources for stories. Lucky for them, we are in the business of mining and providing sources. We have clients with expertise on many different levels and topics, and we’re more than happy to share that expertise with reporters in need of story sources.


We’ve decided to take our Twitter page and turn it into a resource for journalists. We will be using hashtags to provide sources for journalists and we will also be responding to journalists’ tweets in an effort to get clients more media coverage.


To follow behind-the-scenes content from us, including client highlights, follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. For small business inspiration and business-building tips, follow our Instagram.


We’re excited to see where this new strategy will take us and to continue to grow our network with reporters and journalists across the globe. To find out more about our experience in social media and social media trends, visit

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