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National Women’s Day

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Working at Red Shoes Inc., it’s not uncommon for us to get a funny look when we tell someone that our company is all-women. It’s not the norm, but if you know Lisa Cruz, CEO of Red Shoes, you know that she’s not one to worry about staying within the status quo. In honor of National Women’s Day, we want to share our thoughts on what it means to be a working woman.



“It’s an honor to lead an all-women team. Helping and see them grow with skill levels and confidence is my greatest reward. That look they get when they are killing it on all levels is worth its weight in gold.” – Lisa Cruz, CEO





“I love working with our team of talented, intelligent, caring and fun women. The support I receive on a daily basis helps me be a better person, both inside work and out. I truly cherish the relationships I have with the women at Red Shoes, with whom I’m able to share the ups and downs of being a working mother/wife/sister/daughter, etc.” – Maria Nelson, Agency Director




“I love the camaraderie that comes with working with all women. It’s amazing to be surrounded by people who have been in your shoes and who can not only support you in your career, but also provide advice in your personal life.” – Danielle Léon, Account Associate 






“I love working with a small team, and working with all women is a nice bonus. I have never worked with people who are so quick to support and help you when you need it. Red Shoes embodies the meaning of the word “team.” – Lindsay Kalsow, Account Coordinator





“When I tell people where I work, I am proud to share that we were founded by a woman and that our team consists solely of women. Long story short, we get stuff done! Our working environment is truly supportive and enjoyable! Also, our president, Lisa Cruz, is a mother of four boys. She gets that life outside of work doesn’t only happen after 5 p.m. and she allows us the flexibility to be a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend, in addition to being an employee. I’m also inspired by our all-women company every time that my children visit the office. I’m so happy that they get to see a side of my life that many kids are removed from. The example and values that their office visits are providing make me really proud and grateful to be an employee of an all-women business.” – Meagan Hardwick, Account Supervisor



“I enjoy working with a talented team of women because we’re going against the status quo a little bit. As a team of women, we have many of the same struggles as each other in life, but it’s fun to see all of us in action and accomplishing just as much and sometimes more than the men in the workforce. Some of my favorite moments are when we have a meeting and members of the Red Shoes Inc. staff are the only female representation at the table. It makes me feel good to know I’m part of a team of such strong women who are representing a minority in the business world.” – Raquel Lamal, Content Associate




“Observations of this strong team of women by a “new shoe”: Creative ideas flow free; needed actions emerge without end; task ownership is honored; a strong bond of collaboration fills all spaces; successes regardless of size are celebrated; the sense of team is second only to the sense of family.” – Tracy Carpenter, Agency Assistant

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