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The right place+the right time=communications success

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We spend a lot of time trying to reach our target audiences, whether it’s media through pitches, potential clients through networking or clients’ customers through social media. It’s easy to get caught up in the chase of following new trends and sometimes we lose sight of what works best. This is a reminder to not over think things and that sometimes the tried and true methods are the best solution.

This became glaringly clear to me last night while I was attending an overwhelmingly successful client event (we cannot claim credit for this event, it is entirely our client’s doing). This particular client is a health care provider in a rural community and they hold an annual event focused on women’s health. There’s a lecture portion with a doctor talking about women’s health issues and a keynote speaker, usually a local celebrity, followed by healthy snacks and door prizes. Local businesses are involved and set up booths with information about their companies. Registration for the event wasn’t until 5:45 p.m., but at 5 p.m. sharp the venue started filling up – it was amazing to see.
More than 550 women (and a few men!) attend every year. For a town of about 3,000, that’s an enviable turnout. The event is a success because it’s uncomplicated and provides the target audience with what it wants:
– A chance to socialize with friends and neighbors
– An opportunity to see what’s new in the community
– Free stuff (a lot of door prizes, giveaways and food)
It was refreshing to see such a happy, engaged group turning out in droves for an event and it was a great reminder for me that you can have all the social media tools you want, but the best way to reach people is to give them the information in a format they’re comfortable with.
-Maria Heim is a senior account executive at Red Shoes PR

-Photo credit: Jorge Dragon on Flickr

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