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Is your company ready for a PR agency?

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You might be a marketing director, a CEO or a VP and considering a stronger focus on your PR efforts. Perhaps you have been frustrated by the lack of coverage your company gets in the media. Maybe you are figuring out that your online presence amounts to nil and people can’t find you on the Internet. Whatever your reasons, here are a few questions you should ask of yourself and your organization to figure out if you are really serious about dipping your toe in the world of PR.

1) Do you have time and resources to invest in PR? PR is hard work. Not only for the agency you hire but for your organization as well. PR is only as good as the information your company willingly shares with your PR folks. PR people cannot make up stories (really, the good ones don’t!). But for them to get the stories to pitch, your organization needs to continously feed information to them. This takes work. You need to take the time and the investment to make a cultural change so PR is on the forefront of everyone’s minds.

2) Are you ready for the bad as well as the good? Often, when you raise the public profile of your company it also can lead to some uncomfortable situations. And uncomfortable situations can require a response from the organization. In today’s era of transparency there is no place left to hide. The media will find you and the online community will expect a response. I’m not trying to scare you but prepare you for reality.

3) Are you able to provide information to the media and online community in a timely manner? Bluntly put, it’s not so much about your deadlines, it’s the speed in which communications take place today. Media has deadlines, your online community expects prompt responses … can you handle those demands? We’ve said it before, it’s a 24/7 world we live in and promptness is required. It’s not an option. Being able to meet deadlines is part of the relationship building process and a very important part of the relationship.

These are some hard questions to answer but they can help you “set the table” for PR success.

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