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Mergers and Acquisitions During COVID

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You’ve been blessed — your company has been able to bob and weave through the early months of the pandemic. You’ve even seen substantial growth as the company pivoted and began seeing new prospective business channels.

Now what?

The economy will bounce back, but as a business owner, are you looking at all avenues of opportunities? What about complementary businesses, have you ever considered a merger or acquisition?

Effective communication has always been important, but communicating during a merger or acquisition is imperative. Consider how much investment you have made in your company. Why wouldn’t you develop your communication plan now to ensure you’re positioning your company to emerge as strong as possible?

You can boil a communication plan down to three components: process, people and channels. Focus on what the process is for your communications and pair it with the right team members to determine both the messaging and the best way to deliver it. Consider all the groups of people you may need to communicate to, from employees, to customers, to the media, vendors, suppliers and more. Gather as much of the information as you can in advance and put it in one document that you can access in multiple places.

Think about what scenarios are likely to happen during this process and build communications around them. Will these communications be perfect? Probably not, but it’s better than starting from ground zero when you’re ready to move forward.

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