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Making the most out of valuable work time

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Making the most out of timeI recently read a short article on that addressed ways to get the most out of your time during the workday. Sure, it would be great to have a few (or more!) extra hours in the day, but what’s more important is maximizing how to use the time we have, which is generally eight to nine hours.

I’m going to expand a bit on two points the OPEN Forum article made:

1. Start with the hardest: In PR or any industry, it’s easy to put the hardest or largest tasks off for later in the day. As the article says, we like to warm up by doing tasks such as responding to emails or posting to clients’ social media platforms. But the more we put off larger tasks, the less likely we are to complete them in a time effective manner. The article states that we have the most energy at the beginning of the workday, so that is when we should tackle the biggest projects. As the day goes on, fatigue can set in causing these types of projects to take longer than they need to. So the next time you go to work and are faced with a large task, tackle it head on, and then move on to the next project.

2. Sweat the small stuff: Of course we don’t want to sweat the small things so much that we lose sight of the big picture, as the article says, but to make best use of time it’s important to take bigger tasks and break them down into smaller ones. For instance, in PR, putting together a press kit can be quite the task. But if your team plans ahead and knocks out bits and pieces at a time a few weeks prior to the deadline, the press kit will come together more smoothly (and likely be less stressful) than if you tackle the whole thing at once, close to deadline.

Check out the rest of the tips in the article “6 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your Time”.

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