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Social media update: July 28, 2017

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As PR professionals, it’s essential to stay on top of all of the latest news, including social media news. Here is a roundup of the latest social media news from July 22 through July 28.



Facebook adds emphasis on video

Over the next few years, Facebook will be increasing its focus on video, and it is predicted that the majority of content on Facebook will be video by 2021.

Instant Articles restores subscription options previously stripped

News sites can now limit readers to a certain number of articles per week through Instant Articles. News organizations will receive 100 percent of the revenue generated from Instant Articles subscriptions.



Twitter is testing an automatic Tweet promotion service

The service will cost $99/month and will automatically amplify users’ tweets and profile for 30 days.



LinkedIn updates to show businesses who is visiting their websites

LinkedIn is using conversation tracking technology to track data that connects website visits across eight categories including job title, industry, company and location. Website demographics will be free to anyone using the LinkedIn Campaign Manager.



YouTube announces advertising benchmarks

Among the findings is older audiences tend to pay more attention to video ads on YouTube, but also tend to be costlier to reach.

YouTube is getting rid of its in-platform editing tools

This will force video creators to utilize other video editing software and programs. The site’s “Enhancements” feature will stick around, but any additional editing will need to be done prior to uploading the video to YouTube.



Think piece: Google’s new feed is preparing for the end of search

This home page update is the first since 1996 and shows Google is trying to protect itself from larger shifts as people spend more time online.


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