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Keep your creative PR wheels turning

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CreativityAs public relations professionals, one of our goals is to help our clients tell their stories and share their messages in ways that are exciting and original. It isn’t about simply pitching a story, but creating a distinctive angle – giving the media and other target audiences something they haven’t heard before.

Set the standard for continuously generating new ideas. The media love outside-the-box thinking. So how do you keep these types of ideas coming?

• Hold a brainstorm with coworkers. Often times it takes more than one person to come up with the next big thing. Pool your resources by gathering your coworkers to do a quick 15-minute brainstorm. Bringing in fresh perspectives and talking through projects is a great way to form or perfect an idea to bring to the table.

• Stay current. Reading regional, national and global news on a regular basis can help keep your mind fresh. News is always changing. Often times the media are more interested in your story if it can be tied into a larger picture – something that is taking place on a national level. If you don’t stay in tune with current events, you risk missing out on forming the perfect pitch or idea to bring to your next meeting. Keep in mind that reading industry-specific news falls into this category as well.

• Change your scenery. By working from a coffee shop, a different location within your office building (think conference room or gathering room) or your home, you can clear away all the normal day-to-day distractions that occur while working from your desk. Sometimes that’s all it takes to clear writers’ block or think of a way to angle your pitch so it stands out.

What tactics can you add to the list?

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