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Keep the public relations motor humming

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It’s not uncommon for us to meet with businesses and organizations who realize they need to pick up their PR efforts again and get them going. What we hear over and over is that since they let their PR efforts fall by the wayside, they then realize how important PR is to their sales efforts. After some time they notice they fall off the radar for both the media and their prospects.

Maintaing a constant PR buzz is so critical to your overall marketing and communications efforts. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: PR is not project-based. This is also especially important for new businesses. You may have an incredible amount of PR buzz when you launch, but it eventually fades away. What do you do next? Here are a few ideas for both new and established organizations:

-Incorporate story idea sessions as part of your ongoing team/manager meetings. Ask everyone who is a part of the team to bring at least one idea to the table. Some stories might not make the cut for public consumption but many ideas can be turned into blog posts, videos or a pitch to the media. Your employees are on the front lines and no doubt have many ideas to share. Get them engaged in the company’s storytelling.

-Look for natural, cyclical events that happen throughout the year and own them! This is your opportunity to be positioned as a thought leader by publishing relevant content or pitching a story to the media. For example, April 22 is Earth Day. Every year it is recognized. Does your product or service fit in with this recognition day? How about Christmas? Fourth of July? February heart month? Spring home buying season?

-Keep an eye on national and international trends to figure out if your company or organization has a local connection. For example, identity theft continues to be a hot topic. And if your company creates fire walls, you need to contact the media to let them know how your company is helping to solve the problem.

Last but not least, have someone in your company or organization who is responsible or accountable to keep the PR humming. You won’t regret it.


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