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It pays to be persistent

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PersistenceI had my eye on Red Shoes PR since I was a junior in college at UW Oshkosh in the fall of 2010. Who would have thought that a year-and-a-half after my first meeting with Karen (a senior account executive), I would have landed a job here? It’s quite a long story. Here it goes.

I first met with Karen at a mock interview through career services at UWO. I heard about the opportunity through a PR class I was enrolled in, and I jumped at the chance. The company sounded like a great place to start a career in public relations. After the mock interview, I was convinced that I needed to work there.

Following that first meeting, I engaged with the Red Shoes girls on social media sites, and I even saw Karen out in the community a few times. I also learned that I had hometown connections with another Red Shoes employee. When an internship opportunity opened up for the summer of 2011, I wasted no time in sending in my resume. I landed an interview and waited for a phone call afterward.

I ended up not getting the internship that summer, but I never stopped checking up on what was going on with the company. Another internship position became available in January 2012. I applied again and landed another interview. This time, I got the position. I was pumped to have the chance to finally get a taste of what the company was like!

I was even more excited when I got hired on as an account coordinator in March. Now, after nearly two years of building relationships and staying in touch, I can call Red Shoes PR my second home!

The whole point of this post is to let everyone know that it pays to be persistent. It’s so easy to give up when you don’t land your internship, job or whatever else you are striving for on the first try. The most important thing you can do is to keep trying. Be persistent. You’d be amazed at what will happen if you do!

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