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Is Facebook Dying?

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With the recent Facebook privacy scandal, some businesses are wondering: is Facebook dying? Should I focus my social media efforts elsewhere? To answer this question simply: no, Facebook is not dying.


Many people are upset about the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the realization that their information privacy is out of their control. There were even some people who chose to leave the platform because of it. Even with this issue still fresh in everyone’s minds, people are already starting to move on.


How much do people really care?

According to a 2016 Gallup Poll, less than half the millennial population believe their personal information is protected by the companies they share it with. Many people online today have been exposed to a data breech and understand that their personal information is not secure when they share it online.


In an article by NBC news, Robert Blattberg, a professor of marketing at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, said, “Just because people say they’re concerned about their privacy doesn’t necessarily mean it will affect their behavior. If you look at these kinds of events, people get all upset about it and then their behavior doesn’t change very much.”


Whether you focus your social media efforts elsewhere is completely dependent on who your audience is. Facebook reaches the widest range of age demographics over all social media platforms. However, if your prime audience is a younger age demographic, you should put more effort into building your brand on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. If you are looking to reach an older demographic, then you should continue to focus your efforts on Facebook and not second guess it.


What are all these emails?

In the weeks and months following the disclosure of the security breaches, Facebook sent out many emails, messages and notifications about its privacy policies. How many of them did you read?


Many social media platforms are changing their privacy policies to prevent a scandal like this. Our recommendation is that when you get an email stating “privacy policy changes” in the subject line, take the time to actually read it and educate yourself instead of clicking delete. The more we know, the better we can serve our audience.

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