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Is email marketing more effective than social media?

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Did you know only 16 percent or less of your audience actually sees your organic content on Facebook and Instagram?


This is why Instagram and Facebook stories are rising in popularity, because they do not abide by the same algorithm traditional posts do. IG and FB stories show up on a chronological basis, meaning the more often you post a story, the higher the likelihood that you are one of the first stories a user sees when they log on to their account.


That being said, many companies are not looking to add another social media task to their day, especially since stories cannot be scheduled ahead of time. Because of this, email marketing, a tactic that some may have thought to be dead, is the best complement to your social media efforts.


Email marketing is a free or low-cost form of marketing that doesn’t rely on an algorithm to show up in someone’s inbox. Email shows up at the time you send it, making sure that it reaches your audience.


Take a look at this info chart and see if email marketing is right for you:

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