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The Changing Economy

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It’s hard to comprehend how fast the business world has changed. Some companies have switched gears to produce personal protective equipment, needed medical equipment and mobile health care units. Others, such as paper manufacturers, have increased production and still others, such as the insurance industry are seeing an uptick in cyber security claims as many, if not all, of their employees are remote.

The impact of a pandemic is varied and comes with many scenarios, but one constant is the need for ongoing communications.

Now that we are months into COVID-19, your business model has shifted. As a leader, you know this pandemic is temporary so you need to think of your future business plan and ensure that your marketing plan supports the future direction of the business.

If you’ve added products or services to your portfolio, will those products and services continue to be part of your portfolio once we are past the pandemic? Now is the time to plan and to make sure you have the right communication pieces in place when the economy ramps up once again. Communications should align with your operational changes to protect your company’s brand. Your customers and employees depend on it. Your reputation as a business depends on it.

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