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Why you don’t always know best when it comes to recruitment

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As the CEO, you have had a huge part in making your organization what it is today, but we often find new employees value very different things than those in higher-up positions.

Sure, health insurance and a living wage are obviously very much desired, but we often hear the surprising stories of HR heads who run into stumbling blocks when it comes to an applicant accepting a position with their company. We’ve also seen recruitment campaigns fall flat by garnering limited or no results.

So what can you do improve recruitment efforts?

One simple but often overlooked communication takeaway is to ask your employees why they made the decision to work for your company – what was the point of difference for them? Was it the company-provided uniform? The cell phone stipend? The catered lunch once a month? Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, these little added bonuses often make the biggest difference when it comes to recruitment and retention – especially among millennials.

We also encourage you to ask those outside your company to give feedback to your messaging in the recruitment campaign – does it make sense; do they understand it? Does it clearly articulate how you as an employer stands out?

Take the time on the front end to solicit feedback before your campaign begins. You will save time and resources in the long run versus having to restart the campaign.

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