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How weird animal magnets and zen gardens solve problems

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Creativity is a word that doesn’t get enough credit in the business world. It’s a word that we often equate with extremely narrow job functions like graphic design or copywriting, but in reality, creativity is a skill that benefits everyone.


Think of creativity as synonymous with problem-solving. While you may not think you need to foster your employees‘ creativity, I’m sure you would appreciate an improvement in your employees’ problem-solving abilities.


Ideas to boost creativity

Red Shoes PR has found a successful way to foster creativity and boost problem-solving by holding “Idea Labs.” On a regular basis we take 90 minutes to sit down as a team (bonus for serving as a dual-purpose team-building activity) and do something with our hands while discussing problems puzzling us.


We have created Christmas ornaments, weird animal magnets, clay figures and most recently, personal zen gardens. While these activities require the investment of planning, time and money, we have found they pay dividends as we find clarity on issues we formerly struggled with.


Our Idea Labs are successful because it changes our approach problem-solving; we now tackle issues as a group, in a different location than our individual offices, away from our screens and while doing something with our hands completely unrelated to our everyday work.


If you find your team in a rut or with a list of problems to solve, or you need a few ideas to boost creativity, try holding an Idea Lab of your own that fits your individual team and company culture. I bet you’ll be happy with the results, beyond just a new ornament for your office.

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