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The art of telling a story: How PR pros are storytellers

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When people think about a storyteller the image of a journalist often comes to mind, but PR professionals tell stories every day too. The stories we tell are just as important, but many times you’ll see our stories told through the media instead of from the PR professional.

How to pitch a story to the media

A prime example of this is in the pitching we do to the media. Take a look at these headlines and see which piques your interest more: Invasive species on the rise vs. Heavy rainfall causes invasive species to overtake and kill plants across northeast Wisconsin

I’m going to guess you were more intrigued by the second headline. You can see that with just a title, the second example gives you more of a story as well as piques your curiosity about these invasive plants. Searching for that underlying human interest story is what will earn you the interest of the reporters and make your pitch stand out from the hundreds of others that flood the newsroom every day.

Pitching is an art form and it’s important to always dig deeper than the surface to find that underlying story with each and every pitch. Why is this company’s grand opening important? What makes this event different from all the others?

If you can find those unique nuggets of information and emotional angles that tug on a person’s heart strings, your pitches will be stronger and your stories will be told to the world. After all, that’s the goal for your brand, right?

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