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How to incorporate visuals for written messages

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In today’s world, the simple reliance on words to convey a message and tell a story doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s getting harder to keep audiences attention with words alone. People no longer want to read, they want to look at pictures with captions that have less than 140 characters. Incorporating visual content into PR tactics have been stressed time and time again and will continue to be.

My background is in visual communication, so it’s not hard to think of ways to add visual elements. As someone who thinks visually, I wanted to share some tips on how to incorporate visual tactics for written messages and vice versa.

1. Look for opportunities to add color
A simple trick to creating basic visuals is by incorporating color. Something as simple as putting text into a box and adding a background color can turn a Facebook status into a work of art.

Look at me, I'm fancy

2. Find the image in your words
Whatever topic you are writing about, ask yourself if there is a visual you can add to make the post more compelling. Let’s say you are writing a blog post on where to find a cute pair of red shoes. Instead of just posting an image of red shoes, take it one step further by adding text to the image. It can make all the difference.

Red Shoes   Red Shoes with Text

3. Write captions like a photojournalist
As a PR professional, it’s important to write as succinctly as possible. Who, what, where, when and why are our building blocks for writing. The same should go for sharing images. Always caption photos you post to social media. As much as people like to see images, they like to know what’s going on in them.

4. Analyze and take a step back
Think about the visual story you are creating with the words you use. This will help you figure out how to incorporate visuals, if possible. Can you easily stir up an image, or would it be better as a video? Maybe you can break down your information through an infographic. Figure out what is best for the content at hand.

You might be saying “That’s great, but I’m not creative. I can’t do that stuff.” Don’t think like that. We were all born with the ability think creatively. You don’t need to have the abilities to execute those ideas by yourself. Just by thinking visually you will be able to better communicate visually. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

Pablo Picasso


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