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How to get the best fan engagement via America’s team

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I recently had the opportunity to attend our PRSA chapter’s monthly meeting, which featured valuable insight from Gabrielle Dow, vice president of marketing and fan engagement with the Green Bay Packers.

Dow gave us several ideas to engage and retain fans on social media, and here are four key takeaways:


  1. Content is the key to everything

Without content, you do not have anything to post on social media. Whether it’s a video clip, a blog post, a fun photo or an informational update, any successful social media campaign is dead in the water without content.

Dow said the broadcast department is the largest-spending department on the Packers marketing team, not only in terms of game-day broadcasting but also because this is the team that creates most of the video and fan content to be disseminated by the team’s various social media channels.

In fact, 60 percent of the broadcast department’s time is used to create content for social media and the website, which shows that to create good content, you need to spend the time and money to invest in a strategy.


  1. Fan engagement is best driven by the fans

Sure, traditional marketing plays a key role in fan engagement such that without marketing it would be difficult to know when games are, find local events, etc., but Dow said some of the best-performing content is actually that created BY the fans themselves.

The #getloudlambeau hashtag is promoted on game days, which encourages fans to post a photo on their social media account(s) – using that hashtag – to be featured on the big scoreboard during breaks in the game. Dow said these photos are some of the best ways to get engagement and her team can re-use the photos if needed for future marketing pieces.


  1. Don’t be afraid to re-use ideas and content

Dow said it’s OK to re-use content! Whether it’s re-posting a blog from a year ago or re-posting a photo to your Instagram account for a #TBT, re-using content is acceptable and should be more widely practiced.
Pro tip: While you wouldn’t want to re-share a Facebook post verbatim, you can post the same blog to your Facebook page a few times using a different photo and lead-in.


  1. Use your resources

Dow mentioned some of the best-performing pieces of social media marketing her team has created were based on others’ content, which is another point to make sure you’re watching what your competitors are doing.

Even the smallest social media marketing team can produce incredible content – Dow said the Packers only have ONE PERSON posting on their social media accounts. You need know where to go for inspiration.

Dow shared all internal employees are expected to participate in the Packers’ social media initiatives, so use that as inspiration to get your other co-workers on board. If it’s good enough for “America’s team” it’s good enough for you!

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